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Always in the process of building up this site. Take a look around.

Travel Travel: Pictures from places I've been to in recent years: Amsterdam, Atlanta (for the 1996 Summer Olympics), London, England, Paris, and San Diego. (Updated April 24, 2000).
Poetry, Humor, Musings Writings: A sample of things I've written (Poetry, Humor). More poems were added on June 18, 2000.
Halloween Quiz Take the 2003 Halloween Quiz! The prizes have all been given, but you can still test your Horror knowledge.
A Hoosier in Holland Take a peek at my life in Holland, since my move to work in Rotterdam. This includes living in Utrecht as well as side trips to Brugge, Paris, Versailles and other places. Updated April 4, 2004.
Death and Immortality Some are funny, some serious. Here's what some of the famous have had to say about death and immortality. Updated April 1, 2004.



Last Updated April 1, 2004